While working in harmony as a cement, ready mixed concrete, and aggregate supplier, we understand the needs of the construction industry from the most appropriate quality perspective and make the most accurate supply. Thanks to our dynamic structure, we continue to exchange ideas with our customers through regular surveys, performance measurements and customer visits, while keeping the quality of our service at the highest level by producing products that are friendly to both our customers and the environment. Before the Paris Agreement started to be implemented in Turkey, as Çimentaş, we started to work. In line with these studies, we continue to take the necessary precautions and make investments in all our factories. We are a pioneer in carbon reduction in the Turkish Cement Industry, with our work in line with the Green Agreement preparations.

Thanks to the "Voice of the Customer" surveys we regularly conduct, we offer our technical support service, which we see as requested by our customers, both in the field and in our new generation laboratories, in cement, concrete and other areas where our customers serve. We learned that they wanted an environmentally friendly cement and we responded to the needs of our customers with IDEALCEM. With cost savings in mind, we offer all our partners the right products for the right project.