About Us

Çimentaş group of companies is a group that targets leadership in its products, believes that continuous pursuance of quality in all business processes is the key to success, is dynamic and continuously seeks new opportunities in the market, places importance on contribution to its employees, shareholders and to the communities in the regions where it operates, believes in sustainable growth and works to achieve this and believes that diversity is an element and a principle value which makes it stronger.

Founded in İzmir as the very first private cement plant of Turkey and the very first cement plant of the Aegean Region, Çimentaş was acquired in 2001 by the Cementir Holding, which operates in 18 countries in 5 continents and which is among the most important cement groups of the world in its industry with  11 cement plants, 31 terminals, 105 ready-mix concrete plants and 3 waste disposal plants.

Çimentaş is the most important affiliate of Cementir Holding with its cement plants located at İzmir, Edirne, Elazığ and Kars, appr.20 concrete plants concrete plants throughout the country, businesses at Manisa and operations included in the largest and most modern waste management plants of Europe. Çimentaş makes significant contributions to employment with its approximately 1000 employees and to the country’s economy with the corporation tax rating in which it is included every year.  

Çimentaş forms its responsible and sustainable operation approach under the highest occupational health and safety and environmental policies of the industry together with the group to which it is affiliated and wants all its employees to display behaviours complying with such policy. Çimentaş carries out its operations adopting internationally accepted standards as well as any relevant laws and regulations and aims at being recognised as a good neighbour through its contributions to the region besides being a responsible producer in its areas of activity.

In terms of production capacity, Çimentaş occupies top places amongst largest cement producers of the country, and with its partnerships and the companies it owns, Çimentaş Group is a very strong organisation which opens up from İzmir to the world.

Çimentaş is now a Corporation which carries out and merchandises high-quality products with its production capacity, its own quarries and world-class modern integrated plants at home and abroad.

Çimentaş considers sustainability and innovation to be among its main goals. While, on one hand, it achieves alternative fuel applications for economy of energy in cement production, it takes significant steps for waste management and energy recovery through its subsidiaries on the other.

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