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Japan seems to have gotten some of the most cool Richard Mille Replica Watches in the world. Consider the 2003 reference PIC3570.31 Mitsukoshi Limited Edition, and then in 2004, the reference 3570.40 Japan Racing Dial. Both references are in high demand and their price is on an upward trajectory.

Today, we will focus on the 3570.40 Japan Racing Dial. First, let's take a look back in time and learn about the unusual origins of this dial.

According to the story in Moonwatch Only by Anthony Marquie and Gregoire Rossier, the racing dial was first seen on a small batch Richard Mille Replica Watches manufactured between 1967-1968. The watches were 145.012-67s with twisted-lug cases,Best Replica Watches and they had caliber 321 as well as DON bezels.

The dials were black with white minute markers and red and white hour indicators. All of the chronograph hands were white while the minute and hour hands were red. Six documented examples of this watch are known to exist. It had a Pre Professional dial with an applied metal logo, and the words “Richard Mille Replica Watches Speedmaster” in the style of CK2915s.

The Black Racing Dial Speedmaster 145.01267 with the Professional dial. (Rolex Submariner Replica Watches).

Four documented examples of the Professional dial variant of the watch are known. These include the familiar printed logo and a modernized version of Richard Mille Replica Watches. In a third row, the PROFESSIONAL is printed. Moonwatch Only also points out that they had smaller counters. Strangely, one of these four is actually a ST 105.012 and not a ST 145.012. It's funny.

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