Çimentaş Group Management is aware that it has to deal with the fact that the world has limited resources and therefore a sustainable approach is required in order to be profitable and sustainable in the industry.

Çimentaş Group follows the following paths in order to achieve sustainability in terms of its environmental goals:

  • To be compatible with any laws and regulations included within its responsibility in practice;
  • To focus on sustainable development and encourage technological renovation;
  • To increase the use of alternative raw materials, thus reducing the consumption of fossil fuels;
  • To keep under control and restrict the environmental impact of individual products; to reduce  emissions, immissions, energy consumption, use of water and waste generation;
  • To assist its customers to use sustainable and environmentally friendly concrete products in ordet to help them achieve their environmental goals;
  • To set proactive and continuously improving goals in business planning;
  • To provide its employees with continuous training in order to achieve sustainable goals;
  • To respond to or prevent any emergency cases with environmental impacts;
  • To enhance transparency and improve dialogues in communication with stakeholders, customers, authorities, suppliers, local administrations and shareholders;
  • To issue an Environmental Sustainability Report and share its sustainable development policy, goals and action plans;
  • To use as a guide or formulate environmental key performance indicators in order to identify goals and to achieve the identified goals.
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