İzmir Cement Plant


Çimentaş was established as the very first cement plant of the Aegean Region in İzmir in 1950. Proximity to the port of the production plant located in İzmir provides a significant cost advantage for export markets. Çimentaş is now among the largest cement groups of Turkey in terms of production capacity.

İzmir Çimentaş Plant started its production activities as the very first cement plant of the Aegean Region with a capacity of 150.000 tons in 1953. With the investments made so far, the production capacity has reached 1.800.000 tons of clinker and 2.300.000 tons of cement.

One raw material crusher with a 600 t/h capacity and 1 additive crusher with a 125 t/h capacity are in operation at the plant. The crushed materials are stored in the storage area with a 40.000 tons capacity. Coal supplied is kept in the specially made areas. Raw materials fed from the raw material storage area are followed by an online analyser and ground in raw material mills at certain percentages and taken to the raw material silos for homogenisation and fed into rotary kilns therefrom. Petroleum coke and lignite are mixed at predetermined percentages and ground in the fuel preparation unit and fed into the rotary kilns together with the alternative fuels (RDF, dry slurry). Clinker produced in 2 rotary kilns with 2345 tons/day and 3200 tons/day capacity respectively is stored in the covered clinker silo with a 60.000 tons capacity. Cement grinding operations take place in 3 ball mills and 1 Horomill mill with a total capacity of 460 tons/hour. Cement so produced may be stored in 6 cement solos with a total capacity of 32.000 tons. In the packing unit  6 bulk cement loading stations, 4 bagged cement loading stations, and further big-bags and sling-bags are loaded.


Total Area

203.471 m2

Covered Area

32.840 m2


Clinker Production

1.800.000 Tons/Year

Cement Production

2.300.000 Tons/Year


Permanent Employees



  • CEM I / 42,5 R
  • CEM II/A-W 52,5 N
  • CEM II/B-M (L-W) 42,5 R
  • CEM IV / A (P) 42,5 R-SR
  • CEM IV / B (P) 32,5 R-SR


Egemenlik Mahallesi Eski Kemalpaşa Caddesi No:4B Işıkkent Bornova İzmir/TÜRKİYE
Phone Number +90 (232) 472 10 50
Fax Number +90 (232) 472 10 55
E-Mail Address info@cimentas.com

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