Message From CEO


Building materials industry enters 2018 in the competitive environment thoroughly increased in the preceding year. Severe competition urges all actors in the industry for a continuous and effective change. We know that achieving the goals we have set in order to rise up to leadership in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, which contains Turkey and Egypt, and to be able to maintain such position is through the satisfaction of customer expectations in due time and with top-of-the-line products. It is doubtless that the experience we have acquired so far, our desire for continuous learning the technical facilities we possess and the new investments we will make will be extremely useful for us in this journey. However, it is an indisputable fact that the basic element which makes the difference in competition is ‘human’.

Therefore, we aim at carrying our relations and cooperation with all our stakeholders, including but not limited to our employees, to higher levels and create a happy organisation and a large family offering the best products and services in the forthcoming term. We will see that our bonds will get much stronger when we all together overcome any hardships we will encounter on this path.

We will work together in order to achieve the forecasts contained in our budgets. And when we achieve to create a family of stakeholders who are sincere, continuously learn, help one another, trust one another and are eager to achieve common goals, we will then arouse our competitors appetite and powerfully head for new horizons.

I believe that we will walk hand in hand, further enhance our achievements and run all together towards higher goals in this new period that we have just entered with the confidence given by what we have achieved so far with contribution from our employees, dealers, customers and shareholders.

Yours faithfully,
Taner Aykaç

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